the director


Born in Switzerland, he has studied and worked in the IT field. In Berlin, he attended the Kaskeline Film Academy (now “Art-on-the-run filmschool Berlin”) and the filmArche.
At the filmArche he studied “film directing” and met wonderful film people.
Emptiness, spaces, lines, lights, suburbs, architecture, loneliness, absence are some of the topics he’s into.
With his present and future works he’s exploring two of the basics of “film”: space and (the perception of) time.


THE END OF LOVE (AT) – 2016 (filmArche), Experimental, 6 min.
BE RIGHT BACK. – 2016, Experimental Foundfootage Documentary, 3.39 min.
NOTES ON THE TRILOGY OF THE INTERSPATIALITY OF LOVE – 2015 (filmArche), Experimental self reflective drama, 10.45 min – dir., prod., screenplay, editing
KRAFTKLUB / BLAU-MAKING OF – 2015 (nFilm), Making of, 1.30 min. – concept, dp, editing
MEINER IST SAUBERER – 2013 (filmArche), Impro-Fiction, 10 min. – directing
L’ORA BLU – BLAUE STUNDE – 2011 (Kaskeline Film Akademie), Fiction, 6 min. – screenplay, directing, production