director’s statement

“Notes on the trilogy of the interspatiality of love” is a (re)collection of scenes, images, sounds, thoughts, places. These are the “notes” that the protagonist, a film director, took during the shooting of “The trilogy of the interspatiality of love”.

Like in a scrapbook, I collected the scenes and I put them together in a “non- linear” narrative structure.

At the beginning of the film, the director introduces the the excerpts of the episodes of the “Trilogy of the interspatiality of love”. During the film, the characters of the Trilogy slowly take over and are more and more present. The director disappears from the film, leaving them alone.

The characters of the film (and the characters of the film in the film) are often left alone, abandoned. It’s a continuous running away from somewhere and / or from someone.

With departure comes distance. With distance comes detachment (physical and emotional). How can we relate to it? How do we cope with it?